Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alexey Zakharov, Russia

Alexey Zakharov is 3D genius from Russia. When I first saw his "Futurama" 3D work, I thought for sure that he was hired to create this for FUTURAMA, as a part of their upcoming 3D movie... Then I realized that there is no such movie coming out, and that he painstakingly created this entire sequence from Scratch! Here is a link to his Behance page, which clearly shows many student projects. This kid has a huge future ahead of him, without even having an official website, his work speaks volumes.. See below.

The First Video is the finished Futurama 3D sequence. The software used was 3dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects.

The Next video below shows the way he meticulously made this project.

Beach 14, Silicon Beach

Beach 14 is a production company based out of Silicon Beach (West LA). Beach14 is a primarily a video game developer, but also do TV and Film Work. They are dedicated to rich storytelling and innovative experience design. By combining years of Hollywood expertise with top video gaming talent, they are positioned to give gamers an experience that combines the best of blockbuster film making with the latest innovations in game play. Their Website NEEDS to updated... I am showcasing them only because they did a sequence for our very own ABC network's show, Black Box.

I have placed the link to their Black Box dream sequence below (can only be viewed on Vimeo). They combined Motion Graphics, 3D, Compositing, and Rotoscoping. The Night time Sky behind the high building balcony was made in After Effects with the use of Camera Tracking.

The Next video below is their 2013 Reel.

Imaginary Forces, NY and LA

Imaginary Forces is a creative studio and production company based out of NYC and LA. They create and develop content for commercial advertising, digital and interactive platforms, feature films and film marketing, television, architectural spaces, and global brands.

The video below is a spot they did for NRG, a residential Solar Power Company. It illustrates the importance of solar energy. With the help of offbeat, colorful graphics, and with a fresh, flexible perspective, everyday homeowners become well informed of the sustainable, money-saving solution that is solar power. There are photo elements mixed with a graphic / illustrator style, as well as use of 3D. Perfectly timed to the VO, each line goes with the design and animation as the camera backs out, sweeping left and right. The 3D aspect comes into play near the end of the spot as the camera angle expands backwards showing the reach this company has on the solar energy market. The transition from the illustrator style sun to the 3D power plant stands out as a highlight of this spot.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Golden, Venice, CA. / Paris, France

Golden is an Animation / VFX studio located in Venice, CA. & Paris, France. It is run by Creative Director Jake Banks (formerly Stardust), Executive Producer Matthew Marquis (formerly Stardust), and Head of VFX, Guilaume Marien (founder of Mathematic - France). They wanted to build a studio that was committed to creativity and ideation that is supported, not encumbered, by innovative visual effects and post process. Launching in response to the every changing industry model, Golden is a multidisciplinary studio whose focus is the fusion of high-end live action production, concept, design, animation, VFX and finishing.

The 1st video below is the a spot they did for HP where they use almost every animation style in the book to show how versatile the new HP notebook is. There are amazing transitions between paper cut outs , cartoon style, realistic VFX, and many others all illustrating how personal the HP notebook is to each individual. This spot also illustrates how many ideas, and creative expressions can be generated with the help of one's imagination, combined with the power of their HP personal notebook.

The 2nd video below is a spot from 2013 they did for Google's First Laptop, Pixel. It takes you on a journey from the origin of an actual pixel built in 3D, and as the camera backs out, it becomes another amazingly well done realistic 3D jelly fish on the actual laptop screen. A series of animated glints, and colorful glow overlays help show the power of Google's first laptop. One quickly goes into a light journey illustrating the speed, efficiency, and innovation of Google's first computer. This spot looks like it was created entirely in 3D, besides the shots of the man's finger as he touches the screen. The use of After Effects with Trapcode, FORM, appear to be used as well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BBDG, Los Angeles

Big Block Design Group is a studio located in Santa Monica, Ca. Spearheaded by creative directors Shaun Collings and Curtis Doss. They are focused on design-oriented storytelling and creative ideation for commercials, interactive, branded content and broadcast design. Shaun Collings served as creative director and art director at production and design companies Prologue, Elastic, Blind and Shilo, where he led a variety of projects from commercials, main titles and graphics for brands like HP, Honda, Sony, Nike, HBO, Pepsi and Lexus. Curtis Doss was also art director at production company Shilo on commercials for Nike, EA, Sony and Lexus and broadcast design projects for A&E, Bio, HBO, TNT and the Travel Channel.

The 1st video below is the Show Open for "Cosmos, a Spacetime Odyssey" Series that is a recreation of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" from the Seventies. They pulled from every talent in the shop to bring “Cosmos” to life, shooting live action, creating custom CGI and building from photographic elements to tell the story of our interconnected universe.

The 2nd video below is a film open for "Last Call at the Oasis", by Jessica Yu. Here at ABC, we are always figuring out different ways to integrate water footage into many of the designs and animations that come out of our studio. I felt this was a great look into different ways to use 2D typography with live action water footage.

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